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About Me

My Personal Story & Credentials

Before I entered the health and wellness space, I was a Systems Engineering Supervisor and a major geek (OK, I’m still a geek). Having a problem-solving analytical mind comes in handy as a health detective, too.

My Gut Health Journey

For as long as I can remember, I suffered from daily digestive issues – bloated belly, pain and cramping, and an urgency after meals that necessitated being near a bathroom CONSTANTLY. Doctors told my parents I had a “nervous stomach” and a lactose intolerance. In my teens I was diagnosed with a “spastic colon” and as a young adult the label became “Irritable Bowel Syndrome.” I didn’t really care what they called it, I just wanted to be able to fix it…and conventional medicine completely failed me. I was given a variety of prescription medications for IBS, depression, anxiety…and told I needed to focus on whole grains for fiber. Nothing helped and the problem only worsened!


I started studying holistic nutrition due to some health issues with our son initially, but who could have predicted that would lead me to the discovery of my own lifelong issues with digestive distress? After an elimination diet and then some Functional Medicine labs, I FINALLY discovered I had a severe gluten intolerance…likely Celiac Disease. To be honest, I haven’t done the required endoscopy procedure that confirms the medical diagnosis…I avoid invasive procedures like the plague unless absolutely necessary. So I’ve been advised to assume I am Celiac, and that’s what I do. I also have Hashimoto’s Disease, an autoimmune disease also tied to gluten intolerance that destroys the thyroid gland and causes hypothyroidism.

The most amazing thing about this discovery is that it not only resolved my digestive complaints, but I was finally 

paula-at-laptop (1).jpg

able to sleep through the night, my bathroom habits were completely normal, and I no longer needed an afternoon nap to get me through the day. While some people might think that eliminating gluten forever is challenging or difficult, for me it was liberating! I can eat without worry!


And that early dementia I was worried about? That was a combination of “grain brain” from my severe gluten intolerance and the fact that my hypothyroidism was not being addressed properly.

My Hormone Health Journey

I have dealt with some form of “hormonal imbalance” since I literally hit puberty. Throughout my teen years I suffered from ovarian cysts and was put on oral contraceptives for 3-4 months at a time to dissolve the cysts…multiple times. Fast forward to my twenties – trying to start a family – and after a few years of fertility drugs, expensive procedures, and a never-ending rollercoaster of emotions we decided to create our family via adoption. While I am absolutely certain this was the path chosen for me and my husband for a reason, it doesn’t take away the pain and frustration of those earlier years of infertility and miscarriage. I truly can empathize with women going through this ordeal.


I also entered menopause at a fairly early age (47) and understand the changes that take place in our bodies along with the myriad of symptoms that accompany the fluctuating and diminishing hormones. It is NOT fun! I have been on some form of bio-identical hormone restoration therapy since the age of 48 and will never look back! I am free of the traditional menopausal symptoms and continue to enjoy restful, restorative sleep on a nightly basis. Getting proper sleep is extremely important for overall health, as all body repair takes place at night during our deepest sleep. Waking after a restful night’s sleep makes me feel ready to take on the day, feel motivated, successful and I have a clear mind and positive mindset.

I am still on my wellness journey and realize it will be a lifetime commitment to ensure I can enjoy good quality of life in the years to come. Am I 100% healthy and perfect? Nope! But am I 100% committed to educate about and practice healthy lifestyle strategies? Absolutely!

I love educating about the importance of eating real, nutrient-dense food and avoiding inflammatory and processed food products. I believe in paying attention to what your body is telling you. When possible, “test, don’t guess” and learn to become your own health advocate.


I was a Weight Loss & Wellness provider with an integrative practice in Mason, Ohio for over five years. Under the direction of licensed medical providers, the issues I addressed with patients included: weight loss strategies, nutritional supplementation, leaky gut protocols, food sensitivities, autoimmune issues, digestive issues, blood sugar & insulin stability, cardiovascular health and more.


In addition to my current private practice, I serve as a Clinical Advisor for FDN practitioners around the world; and I'm also a mentor/advisor for a private functional gut health clinic in Australia.


Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDNP)
Clinical Advisor for FDN Medical Director Program

Certified Midlife Specialist (MMM-CMS)
Board Certified Functional Wellness Practitioner (BCFWP)
Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (BCHHP)
Board Certified Holistic Health Coach (BCHHC)

Certified Dietary Supplement Specialist™

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) Expert Certified
Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant
Certified Essential Oil Coach & Clinical Aromatherapist

Advanced Training

Advanced Stress and Hormones

Menopause & Hormone Literacy

Mastering Midlife Mentorship
Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

Dietary Supplement Specialist™
Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)
Organic Acids
Blood Sugar Management
Guide to Mitochondria
Heart Wellness

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