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Building Foundational Wellness

Optimize Hormones and Aging...
Feel Better Today

I help peri- and menopausal women (and yes, men, too!) get off the hormone rollercoaster and age vibrantly using functional health labs, holistic nutrition, and expert support.

Meet Paula Reed

Paula Reed Wellness

From my earliest childhood memories until literally my mid-40’s, I had a horrible relationship with food because I never knew if my day/evening was about to be ruined after a meal. I also experienced “brain fog” to the extent I was worried I was developing early dementia. Talk about stress! When I finally realized the root cause of BOTH of those issues, I experienced food freedom for the first time in my life!

Today I am continuing my education and working my dream career from home. I can multi-task, problem-solve complex cases with other practitioners, and accomplish so much more than I could in my younger years!

As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, I use Functional Medicine labs and health assessments to help clients better understand their health challenges, then I develop customized protocols to build and improve health…one step at a time.


What I Offer

Hormone Education

Gut Health Education

Nutrition Coaching

Functional Health Labs

Personalized Wellness Plans

Ready to get started on your wellness journey? Book a Discovery Call today.

“I’ve always been interested in health and nutrition. Wanting to know how food can be healing and how to protect and heal my gut is very important to me. I wanted to take my healing journey to the next level so Paula suggested taking the GI MAP and DUTCH tests. The GI MAP will tell you what is going on in your gut and Paula is there to guide you through the detoxification and healing process. The DUTCH will give you info about the utilization of your hormones and Paula will help get you to a place of balance.

It’s unfortunate that western medicine doesn’t use this type of comprehensive testing. These tests are a must for anyone and everyone. So very grateful to be working with Paula. She truly cares about her clients. She is very passionate and knowledgeable in the functional wellness field.”

- Teresa M

“Paula’s detox program works! This program is so complete that you do not have to put any thought into planning, yet it is designed with flexibility for personal preferences. The program is fully outlined with day-to-day instructions, grocery lists for the meals, and menu plans for the full two weeks; Paula includes self-care techniques and recipes for toxin-free personal care. Support is just a click away. After completing the first week of detox, I noticed I no longer wake in the middle of night, no 4 PM energy slump, no 10 PM energy bursts; my skin is much softer too. Food portions are large, this is not a diet, and we were not hungry; however, I lost 8 lbs. and my husband lost 7."

- Renee S

“I just wanted to tell you 'thank you' so much for that DUTCH test and your recommendations. I've only been doing everything for about a month, but the improvements I've already noticed are pretty amazing.
I'm actually a morning person again getting 7 hours of sleep (used to sleep 9-10 and feel really groggy still), my energy has been great ((even without completely cutting out caffeine), and my rash has improved quite a bit.
Just goes to show you that sometimes you need to look at the whole picture and that everyone can use a health coach/FDNP.”

- Thea T

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